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"What's the relationship between design and nanotechnology?"
In my first year of undergrad, a professor of mine pointed out that the hexagonal-beam structure that encapsulates our building at UWaterloo is not just for aesthetic appeal. This repeating hexagonal shape was identical to the structure of the molecule, benzene. Since benzene's structure is known for being a stable molecule at the nano-scale, it was applied to our building's design at the macro-scale to support against gusts of wind and to stabilize the structure without the need for many internal columns. Like this example, I try to take inspiration from science and other fields to apply into my own design projects. Overall, my engineering degree has trained me to dig into the root-cause of problems and address human factors when designing solutions - skills I use as a product designer everyday. 
The best way to know me is through the following four words which represent recurring themes in my work, hobbies and personal life.
A pastiche is a work of art that imitates and celebrates the style or character of the work of one or more other artists. 
The MPC, for example, is the famous beat-making machine used to sample or repurpose other artists' music to create something new. Analogous to the function of this machine, I always like to take inspiration from other people's work to create a pastiche that is unique in its own way but still credits the originator. I'm a musician and I started off my career in product design with a fun (although not entirely feasible) contextual music visualizer idea for streaming platforms. Check it out below!

I love graffiti for the way it bends the rules of standard letterforms and adds attitude and personality to them. 
In high school, I created a "10 Steps to Create Graffiti" Handbook but an unspoken rule in graffiti and in life is to be fearless when expressing yourself and making it known that "I was here".

All designers need to have empathy for their users. 
Before I had aspirations of becoming a designer, I was growing up, living with my grandparents and understanding their needs and challenges as seniors. I consider my upbringing to be very helpful in having empathy for each user base I focus on as a designer.

It's interesting to think that many of the personal challenges and setbacks I face in life are sometimes a result of mismanaging my ego. 
It's an ongoing challenge to evaluate and omit things in my life that feed my ego. By having a true understanding of the person I see in the mirror and loving myself, I can create my best work and live life to the fullest. 
"You're never as good or as bad as they say you are."